You’ve Been Wearing Your Bra The Wrong Way Al This Time!

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Yes, I’ve been shocked to know this too! We’ve been all wearing our bras the wrong way. I couldn’t believe it at first but with this amazing hack, I knew that I was doing it wrong all the time.

Brittany Packnett once bought a bra from Thirdlove, she noticed that there was a tag attached to it and it had “how to put on a bra.” written on it, she didn’t pay attention to it at first as we would all do because we think that we know how to wear a bra, but when she went home, she accidentally gave it a second glance and it has really taken her attention this time.

But when she put on the bra, she has noticed that it wasn’t really fitting correctly. And this made her think a second time about what she has seen earlier. She took another look at the tag. She actually followed the instructions this time and she was really surprised at how the bra fits! This has shocked her because she didn’t realize that she was wearing her bra the wrong way all these years.

The tag suggested that when you want to put on a bra, you have to start by securing the lowest hook. Then you should be gathering both your breasts and adjust each one of them into every cup. And the last step is to make sure that you’re tightening every strap, but this step should be done every month.