09 tips that will change the way you do laundry forever


Laundry is the chore that never stops, especially when you have a young and growing family! When you’re running around after your kids all day, it’s all too easy to let the clothes pile up into a big mess, and even if you take good care of it, getting it all done can be time consuming and frustrating.

It’s time to upgrade the laundry, don’t you think?

So, of course, we’re turning to our friends at What’s Up Moms, who are giving us TEN awesome tips to make laundry easier, straight from the women who know it best: moms! Check them out and get your family’s clothes under control!

1. Sock Patrol

Sick of losing single socks? Clip a mesh bag to your laundry basket and stick all your socks in it. Clean your socks IN the mesh bag, and never lose one again!

2. DIY Rolling Hamper

Struggling to hold the kids and the hamper? Make your own DIY hamper by hot gluing some old trucks and cars to the bottom of the laundry basket.

3. Dryer Erase Marker

Constantly putting clothes that need to be air dried in the dryer? Use a dry erase marker to make notes to yourself, then wash them away when the load is done.

4. Utilize Soap Dispensers

Hang clear soap dispensers on your laundry room wall for a chic way to easily get your detergent, and keep the chemicals away from the kids.

5. Add Laundry Wall Space

Cramped laundry room getting you down? Add towel bars or hooks to the wall to instantly give yourself some vertical space.

6. Hang Stinky Clothes

If something REALLY stinks before it goes in the washer, hang it rather than throw it on the laundry pile; this will encourage mildew and make the smell worse.

7. Throw in the Towel

Need to get this load done quickly? Throw a dry, fluffy towel in with your clothes being dried to speed up the cycle; the towel will absorb some of the moisture and cut your load time in half.

8. Makeshift Dryer Sheet

No dryer sheet to speak of? Use a crumpled up piece of aluminum foil! Best of all, you can use this ball of foil for at least a few cycles!

9. Avoid Clothing Wrinkles

If you have a drying rack, you know that hanging clothes over the bars can sometimes leave crease marks. To avoid this, cut a length of pool noodle to drape your clothes over and say goodbye to wrinkled clothes forever.

What do you think of these laundry hacks?