10 benefits of walking 15 minutes daily


The new lifestyle of this era takes away a lot of time from the daily calendar leaving most people with a limited free time that is barely sufficient for resting, that is why most people today do not work out regularly because of the busy week schedule.

However, working out should not be limited to gyms only because we actually have enough time for a 15 minutes workout each and every day. Walking is an easy exercise that can be done easily at any time of the day. So, here are 10 benefits of walking 15 minutes daily.

1. Improved mental outlook

Walking is considered one of the best mood boosters, it has mental effects as self-pleasing as eating dark chocolate or drinking a glass of wine in a nice evening. Because everyone loves feeling good, you should take a 15-minute walk every day and you’ll notice the positive mental impact caused by it.

2. Maintains weight

When we grow older, maintaining weight gets harder and harder, that is why you should take a walk every single day to boost your metabolism. Because of that, walking is a good way to maintain a healthy weight when progressing through age.

3. Aids in sleep

Exercising, in general, can help you fall asleep and walking is no different. Walking for 15 minutes a day can encourage a good night’s sleep that will help you get through the next day easily.

4. Prevents heart disease

Walking regularly can help you prevent heart disease because it can actually improve your circulation.

5. Reduces breast cancer risk

Women all over the world are afraid of breast cancer and most of them if not all of them look for ways to prevent it from affecting them (the wisest choice). One of the easiest and best ways to prevent it is walking for at least 7 hours a week as shown by a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School. The study found that women who walk 7 hours or more every week lower their chances of getting breast cancer by 14% over those who walk less.