10 camping tips you should know about


Camping is one of the best hobbies one can adopt because it does not give you the possibility to discover new places, but it allows you to have a deeper connection with yourself and with nature. The night view, the night sky, the painted live imagery of the tree branches, and the sound of crickets are simply priceless.

Camping is truly an amazing hobby but it does require some supplies and equipment that are made especially for those kinds of adventures because they can save you on multiple occasions. Here are 10 camping tips you should know about.

1. Keep tootsies warm

If your feet get cold at night, then be sure to fill a sturdy water bottle with hot water before going to bed. Once done, put it at the bottom of your bag to maintain the warm feeling all night long. Make sure to stuff some clothes at the bottom of the bag to stop leakage in case it happens.

2. A pillow on the fly

I personally can’t sleep without my pillow, but sometimes I forget it when going somewhere. If you are like me and accidentally forgot your pillow, make sure to stuff some clothes or an unused blanket inside the bag that contains your sleeping bag, and just like that, you got yourself a cozy pillow. Here’s a video that goes more in-depth into this method.

3. Lint firestarters

You can use dryer lint to make firestarters. Knowing that firestarters burn for 15 minutes, then you need to have an empty egg carton, scissors, old candles, dryer lint, and dental floss. These components can be used to make firestarters.


4. Toothpaste plate

You don’t have to take an entire toothpaste tube with you on your camping trip. You can simply squirt some dots of toothpaste on aluminum foil and let them sit for a couple of days to harden, then scoop them in a bag. This method is beneficial if you are trying to cut short some weight when going on a backpacking trip.


5. Pack your birthday candles

Birthday candles are a lot of fun, but once they’re not blowable, then they’re useless. Well, don’t throw them away next time because they can be used as waterproof firestarters. Simply light the candle and add it to the kindling and you’re done.

source: PARTY CITY

6. Fix stuck tent zipper with wax

Sometimes tent zippers decide to get stuck because they want to, but if you keep a candle with your camping gear, then this problem can be solved easily. Simply rub the candle on the zipper track to make the sliding motion easier for the stuck zipper.

source: diyeverywhere

7. Pack spices in straws

Campfire food has a special taste to it, but it does not have to always taste like that because you can bring is spices without bringing the entire bottle. All you have to do is heat an end of the plastic straw with a lighter and seal it shut using your fingers when it is warm enough. Once done, fill the straw with whatever spice you want, then seal the other end of the straw.


8. Turn a water jug into a lantern

You can turn a water jug into a lantern by filling it with water and attaching the head lantern facing the plastic jug so that the light reflects off of the water.

source: TOM WATSON

9. Foam floor tiles make sleeping on the ground comfy

Sometimes you wake up in the morning with bruises and a really tiresome body, well that’s because of the hard floor you were sleeping on. To solve this problem, make sure to foam floor tiles.

source: GREAT MATS

10. Make a toilet paper dispenser from a coffee can

Sometimes it is good to become one with nature, but when it’s time to answer nature’s call in nature, things can get tricky. The situation gets really weird, but that can be kind of avoided. To do that, make a toilet paper dispense out of a used coffee container using a plastic can with a lid and an Exacto knife.