Use these 4 tips to save your baby from choking to death


Having a baby is one of the biggest responsibilities you’ll ever have to take because it requires you to protect, feed, raise, educate, etc. Another thing that every parent should do is to keep an eye on their child to avoid any dangerous activities, but, you can’t monitor their every movement, that is why a choking situation is every parent’s nightmare. Sometimes, children put things into their mouths and they end up either breathing it in or swallowing it.

For that reason, most parents are advised to register in first aid courses so that they know how to handle that kind of situations. If you are not formally instructed on first air, here are 4 tips that can help you save your child’s life when they are choking.

1) Assess the situation quickly

This means you should be able to identify the problem so that you can solve it. If your baby is choking then you should expect to see your baby’s skin turning blue or red and him/her producing weird noises. If your baby is coughing, gagging, or crying audibly, then that’s a sign of a partially blocked airway, that’s why you should let your baby continue coughing to dislodge the stuck object. If your baby is unable to make any kind of noise, then the throat is fully blocked. Call for an ambulance right away and start performing these procedures to buy some time (if the blockage is caused by swelling due to an allergic reaction or sickness, then you should wait for the emergency service to arrive).

2) Perform back blows

You should act quickly, first, turn your baby’s face down over your forearm or on your lap and make sure that baby’s head is lower than the chest because gravity can offer a good amount of help in this case. Hold the jaw firmly with your hand to protect the head when performing the back blows using the freehand. Make sure to give your baby five consecutive quick blows between the shoulder blades.