10 effective ways to clean your bathroom


The bathroom is probably the filthiest and nastiest place in the whole house, that is why it needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid stain build ups and nasty smell development. However, cleaning the bathroom can be hard and challenging, but if you use these 10 ways, your life is going to be much easier.

1- Basic cleaning

Source: Flickr/Kim Carpenter

The basics are always important in sports, games, learning, and even cleaning. Start by applying your bowl cleaner to the toilet bowl and let it sit for some time, then spray the edges, rear, and outside areas with an all-purpose cleaner. Once done, grab a scrub brush to gain access all around the toilet. If your toilet has bad smells, then use baking soda or vinegar to get rid of it. Once finished, use a toilet bowl scrubber to scrub the interior parts of the toilet, then flush water down to finish the job.

If there are stains sitting in the tank, then use vinegar to get rid of them (white vinegar to be precise).

2- Sink cleaning

Source: Pexels

The sink is not as hard as the toilet when it comes to cleaning, but it demands some focus and attention in return. Spray it with a cleaning spray then start scrubbing it using heavy scrubs. When you are done, use a vinegar solution or window cleaner to clean the mirror.

3- Floor Cleaning

Source: Indulgy

The floor is the last resort of all the dust, stains and anything really because everything falls to ground either from the sink, toilet, bathtub, etc. Use the vacuum to deal with dust (you can also sweep it), then use a grout cleaner and a wire brush to deal with the grout, then proceed to use a mop to finish the job.