How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY (EASY)


The worst things that you could have as a car owner are scratches in your car. Even though you know that you will have one sooner or later but you always try to be positive about it. Scratches are not just causing a bad look for your car, but they also cause rust formation some times. This means that you have to deal with those scratches and clear them off, but a garage can be a little bit pricy, that is why we present you 7 ways to remove car scratches (if they’ve reached the metal area then you have to take the car to a repair shop)

1- Toothpaste

Source: 4You Auto Manija

Toothpaste contains abrasive characteristics that can make it super handy for household uses, but toothpaste that has silicone can actually polish the paint surface of the car leading to a less visible scratch. Make sure to use a toothpaste that has whitening properties if you want better results.

2- Shoe polish

Source: iFixit

This one is quite a surprise, but shoe polish can handle only cars with black paint jobs. Use a shoe polish that is slightly darker than your car’s paint job. Wash your car then apply the shoe polish to the scratches. Once done, you will see that the scratches are less visible and starting to fade away.

3- Nail polish


It is the polish clash. Nail polish is available in almost every possible color, so pick up the one that matches your car color. You should know that the nail polish’s color changes when the polish gets dry, so make sure to try it on other surfaces before using it in your car.

4) WD40


Wd40 will not fix your scratches, but it can perfectly camouflage them to the point where they become completely invisible. You only have to spray some WD40 on the scratches after washing the car, then use a microfiber cloth for rinsing.

5- Candle wax


Candle wax does a great job when it comes to hiding light scratches. Candle wax can make your car look like it is scratch-free and it is a great way for damaged areas polishing. However, you should keep applying candle wax regularly because it does not last for q long time.

6- Car scratch removal pen

Source: The Review Gurus

Try getting a car scratch removal pen, but make sure it is not one of those fake ones. Some pens make scratches even worse than what they used to be, that is why you have to read the reviews on the product before actually buying the product. A great pen that everyone recommends is Quixxx High-Performance Scratch Remove, but you should wait for a couple of moments before cleaning the scratches and applying a polishing product.

7- A paint touch-up kit


Professionals and high-end repair shops actually use a paint touch-up kit, but before you get excited, you have to keep in mind that knowing how to use it takes some time and effort, but it is the best method to use. You have to go through multiple drying paint layers that will shock you with results in the end.