10 Safety Pin Uses Around The House That You Should Know About


We all have safety ping lying around the house in sewing baskets waiting for your next clothing projects to use them for hem pining and clothes mending. However, safety pins have many more uses around the house, that you may not actually think about. So without further ado, here are 10 safety pin uses around the house.

1. Prevent Thefts

source: Lady Light Travel

Pickpockets are very slick, and you should be aware at all times to avoid getting robbed, or you can use a safety pin to hook your backpack or purse’s zipper to another clip or zipper to prevent thieves from breaking into your personal belongings.

2. Conceal Bra Straps

source: The Lingerie Addict

You can connect the two middle straps of your bra using a safety pin to turn it into a racerback style easily.

3. Clean A Garlic Press

source: Today / Amazon.com

Cleaning garlic presses is really difficult, that is why you should use a safety pin to get garlic remnants off of the little crevices.

4. Keep Socks Together

source: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

Use a safety pin to secure matching socks before throwing them in the washing machine to avoid wasting time looking for the socks’ pairs.