These are the best solutions for common house problems


Everyone gets excited and hyped up when buying a house for the very first, well that’s to be expected because it means securing a home for you and your family without constantly taking off a part of your salary to pay for rent. However, bought houses will also cut up a part of your salary because of maintenance. You can save up money by not calling a contractor and fixing the problem yourself using these next tips.

1. Tackle A Rusty Screw

source: RedBubble/John Newson

Rusty screws are so annoying it’s like they refuse to budge. To solve that problem, pour distilled vinegar on the rusty screw to loosen it up.

2. DIY Hole Patch

source: Instructables

Mix baking soda with supper glue and apply the blend to the hole (wipe off any excess if needed) to patch small holes in the wall without the need of a hole filler.

3. Clean An Oil Stain

source: Molly Maid

Oil stains are pretty hard to clean up. If you ever have an oil stain on your driveway, make sure to dump kitty litter on it, then use your shoes or a shovel to crush it up. Let it sit for 20 minutes before sweeping up the remaining scrub and litter using hot soapy water.

4. Unclog A Toilet

source: American Fire

If you are dealing with a clogged toilet, then pour a cup of liquid dish soap in the toilet bowl and let it sit for a full hour to loosen up the clog.

5. Fix A Swaying Cupboard Door

source: K&J Magnetics, Inc.

If your cupboard door won’t shut down, then get yourself a magnet system that can be clipped to the inside of the cupboard door.

6. Leaking Basement

source: This Old House

If your basement starts leaking after a heavy rain, then your downspout is most likey sitting very close to the foundation of your house. To solve this problem, use an extension piece to make water flow far away from your foundation.

7. Refresh Baseboards

source: Making It Lovely

Scratches, dents, and dings are inevitable when it comes to baseboards. To solve that problem, then wipe some putty on the scratches, then sand the excess once it dries off. Once done, make sure to swipe on a coat of paint.

8. Deodorize Garbage Disposal

source: Hello Splendid

It’s a matter of time before your garbage disposal starts smelling bad. To deal with this issue, sprinkle baking soda down the spout, then add in distilled vinegar and lemon rinds to deodorize and clean your garbage disposal.

9. Clean Rusty Stainless Steel

source: Bar Keepers Friend

Stainless steel sinks can become stained themselves, so make sure to clean them up by mixing distilled vinegar and baking soda and scrubbing the stains with the made blend.

10. DIY Cabinet Bumpers

source: Look Into

Sometimes cabinet doors slam shut all by themselves. To solve that problem, put a dab of hot glue in every corner so that they act as small bumpers once they dry up.

11. Free A Stripped Screw

source: wikiHow

If a screw is stripped and needs to be freed, make sure to put an elastic band on it to give your screwdriver and additional grip.

12. Deodorize The Washing Machine

source: Web Questions

If your washing machine starts smelling bad, then leave its door open after you’re done using it, and make sure to wipe it down with distilled vinegar and a rag every two weeks.

13. Fix A Squeaky Hinge

source: The Family Handyman

If your hinge is producing squeaky noises, then use vaseline or a lubricant on the metal to solve the problem.