10 Ways To Use Ice Cream Cones (Besides For Ice Cream!)


You likely imagine that frozen treats have one use and one utilize – for lodging scoops of delectable dessert. Notwithstanding, did you realize that frozen treats can really be utilized for a lot of non-dessert related purposes? All things considered, you do now! Here are 10 shrewd yet startling approaches to utilize frozen custards.

1. Tidbit Mix Cones

Use frozen custards to contain children’s bites like dried fruit, oat, pretzels, and nuts.

2. Cone Bird Feeder

All you need is some winged creature seed, frozen custards, nutty spread, and string to make your very own DIY feathered creature feeders!

3. (Edible) Christmas Village

Use topsy turvy gelatos as “trees” whenever you make a gingerbread house town during the Christmas season.

4. Cone Cupcakes

These cones may seem as though they’re holding frozen yogurt, but those are really cupcakes with icing inside!

5. Cone Kahlua Shooters

How fun would these Kahlua shooters in frozen treats be for adults just gathering?!

6. Cone Cake Pops

I can once in a while visit a Starbucks without getting a cake pop. On the off chance that you, as well, love cake pops, you’ll love cake pops sitting on little gelatos!

7. Cone Milkshake Topping

Since a milkshake is basically simply liquefied frozen yogurt, it has the right to be topped with a topsy turvy gelato, wouldn’t you say?

8. Cone Seedling Starters

Did you realize that frozen custards make for the ideal seedling starters? All things considered, presently you do!

9. Cone Fruit and Yogurt Cups


For a sound choice to dessert, fill frozen treats with yogurt and organic product.

10. Cone Pie Crust

Pulverize up frozen custards either by hand or utilizing a food processor. Press the cone pieces into a pie dish and use for a sweet pie outside layer!

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