10 Zip Tie Hacks That Can Help You Save Time And Money


People use zip ties all over the world for multiple reasons like securing stuff to packaging, marking certain doorknobs, and even as handcuffs, yes handcuffs, the police especially the special forces use zip ties as handcuffs to capture felons. But, everyone knows these uses, that is why we bring you today 10 zip tie hacks you should know about.

1. Separate your cables

Source: Pinterest | imgur.com

If you are a tidy person then you probably hate dangling and tangled cables. Luckily, you can use zip ties to keep the cables in position and prevent them from ever getting tangled up again.

2. DIY trimmer line

Source: Pinterest | beaubieblossom1.tumblr.com

You can make a trimmer line out of zip ties. Simply lock a zip tie in one side and lock another one on the opposite side and you are good to go.

3. Keep the lids of your containers on

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If you struggle to keep the lids on your containers you can use zip ties to solve this problem. Simply drill a hole in your container’s handle and in your lid handle, then slip a zip tie through the holes and tie everything up and you are all set.

4. Tire traction

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If you still want to ride fast even during the cold season, then tie some zip ties around your bicycle’s tire to increase traction.

5. support your plants

Source: Thirfty Fun

If you have baby plants and heavy plants that you want to support to keep them straight, then use zip ties to offer them as much support as they need.

6. Make a DIY bookcase

Source: Pinterest | ajsartsanddesigns.com
If you are a fan of DIY projects, then this one is just for you. Simply stack some crates, then use zip ties to attach them. You can spray paint them if you want a custom color.

7. Hang stuff on vinyl siding 

Source: Pinterest | Optimum Garden

This project is super easy and fun to do. Simply grab a picture hanger and trim the hook, then add a zip tie. When using it, make sure to slip the hook under the siding lap so it can lock into place. Removal is as easy and simple as the mounting process, you just need to twist it 90 degrees and pull.

8. Use zip ties to secure a power bar under your ironing board 

Source: Pinterest | artthreads.blogspot.ca

A dangling cord can be both annoying and dangerous when ironing. Use zip ties to secure a power bar under your ironing board to enjoy an easy ironing process.

9. DIY chandelier

Source: Pinterest | thriftyhabit.com

You can make a cool DIY chandelier using zip ties. Simply hang them from the ceiling and they will create a unique look to your house.

10. Hang your scrub brush

Source: Pinbusting

You can use zip ties to hang your scrub brush to keep it in a reachable place that you can easily access any time you want.