11 Clever Uses For Zip Ties Around The House


You may think that zip ties are just cheap plastic materials used for packaging products, but these little things are actually useful for a ton of different purposes. Here are 11 clever ways to use zip ties that you’ve likely never heard about before!

1. Childproof Cupboards

source: thisoldhouse.com / PHOTO BY JOHN GRUEN

To keep small children out of cupboards, simply fasten the handles together using a zip tie.

2. DIY Keychain

source: Instructables

To make a keychain in a pinch, just string your keys onto a zip tie and secure it.

3. Hold Up A Zipper

source: Bob Vila

If you have a zipper that just won’t stay up, loop a zip tie through the end of the zipper, then secure it to the button of your pants.

4. Secure Food Bags

source: Lee’s Reach Farm

To ensure your food stays fresh, use a zip tie to secure the end of the bag it’s being housed in.

5. Keep Flowers Together

source: Afloral

To keep a bouquet of flowers together and upright, use a zip tie to group the stems together.

6. Hide Cables

source: ECVV

To hide unsightly cables and make them appear more organized, use a zip tie to fasten them together.

7. Makeshift Bike Snow Tires

source: treehugger

To give your bike a bit more traction in the snow, fasten a bunch of zip ties around the wheels, ensuring that the clip part is on the outside of the tire. It may look silly, but it works!

8. Plant Support

source: homestratosphere.com

If a tall plant needs some support, fasten it to a post or stick using a zip tie.

9. Secure Your Suitcase

source: Pinterest

When traveling, it’s not a bad idea to zip tie your suitcase zippers together for a little bit of security.

10. Keep Lids On

source: Budget 101

If you’re moving and have your belongings stored in big rubber containers, poke holes through the handles, then loop zip ties through to keep the lids secured.

11. Drain Snake

source: Instructables

To tackle a clogged drain, attach a few zip ties together, then make diagonal slides along the zip ties using a pair of wire cutters. When you’re done, just snake the zip ties down the drain and they’ll catch all the gunk causing the clog.