11 Foods That Basically Never Expire


We all have certain foods in our pantry that have been sitting there for so long we almost forget them, and we remember them, we think that they’ve gone bad by that time. But did you know that there are some foods that never expire no matter how long you keep them? Here are 11 foods that you should never throw away because they’ll never expire.

1. Honey

No matter how long you keep your honey in a cool, dim spot, you can keep it for eternity. Also, honey is heavenly!

2. Salt

As long as it’s not being kept in a moist situation, salt doesn’t expire. It may lose intensity after some time, yet it won’t turn bad.

3. Canned Foods

As long as the can hasn’t been opened, canned foods can be eaten a couple of years after their marked expiration dates.

4. Vanilla Extract

If you keep your vanilla extract in a cool, dark spot, you can keep it for eternity.

5. Alcohol

As long as you don’t keep it in the daylight, it practically never turns bad.

6. Sugar

If you keep sugar in a cool, dark spot and in a hermetically sealed holder, it will never turn sour.

7. Pasta

You can keep and eat pasta forever, but it’s good to store it in a hermetically sealed holder in the wake of opening the bundle.