11 Surprising Uses for Kitchen Sponges


Sponges are the most useful tools for cleaning and soaping up the dishes, but if you only keep them for your kitchen, you’re missing out on their clever hidden uses. These uses will have you stocking up the next time you drop by the cleaning aisle.

1. Remove pills from sweaters.
Scrub sponges are great for tidying up a worn sweater. You can simply run it across the garment to eliminate fuzz, (remember to do it gently).

2. Keep houseplants well-watered.
If you’re looking for an easy way to prevent roots from rotting in too much moisture, sneak a sponge into the bottom of your planter. It will soak up the excess water when you water your plants. This will also act as a back-up substance if you forget to water your plants.

3. Lift pet hair off the carpeting.
If you want to remove pet hair from your carpets, dampen a sponge and brush it away.

4. Make a no-drip ice pack.
If you want a no-drip ice pack, freeze saturated sponges in plastic zip-top bags. When the ice melts, the moisture stays locked in the sponge.

5. Cushion breakables.
When storing a ceramic bowl or a collection of figurines, place sponges near the fragile parts or sharp corners of your figurine to keep them and yourself safe.