11 Ways To Use Listerine That Have Nothing To Do With Freshening Your Breath


Most people have a bottle of Listerine put away in their bathroom. All things considered, who wouldn’t have any desire to have minty-new breath constantly?! Despite the fact that Listerine is most ordinarily known as a mouthwash, it additionally has a lot of different uses that most people don’t think about.

1. Latrine Bowl Cleaner

If you come up short on latrine bowl cleaner, Listerine fundamentally does likewise work. If you pour a tad around the edge of your latrine bowl and scour, it’ll sanitize and freshen up the surface, much the same as a typical can bowl cleaner would.

2. Deodorant

If you notice that you’ve come up short on deodorant, don’t freeze. Use a cotton ball to apply a touch of Listerine to your underarms as a temporary solution.

3. Facial Cleanser

Since Listerine has such incredible germicide fixings, it tends to be an extraordinary chemical for focusing on skin inflammation. Bt if you have sensitive skin, you should likely simply stay with a typical, soft chemical.


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