9 Things To Avoid Flushing Down The Drain


We all know that there are certain things you shouldn’t be flushing down the sink’s drain or toilet. But there are many things most of us don’t know about. In this article, you will find a list of things that could possibly clog your toilet or your sink if you keep flushing them in.

1. Flour

When you combine flour with water, it makes a thick paste. So when you flush flour down your drain, the same thing will happen, it will create a paste that will clog your toilet. To avoid that, always wipe the flour up with a toilet paper.

2. Hair

If you let a couple of hairs wash down the drain after some time, it can bring about one huge cluster of hair that stops up to you and is exceptionally hard to evacuate.

3. Female Products

It generally amazes me when one of my female friends says they flush pads or tampons down the drain. These items are intended to grow when wet, and they can without much of a stretch extend and get trapped in your funnels.