12 breast cancer symptoms you should keep an eye on


Breast cancer reaps the lives of women all over the world. In the US alone, 40000 women die from breast cancer and more than 250000 are diagnosed with it. The technological and medical development played a critical role in fighting this malicious disease because of the improvement of the early detection phase.

However, there are signs that the body portrays to let you know that danger is approaching if you pay close attention to details, you will make your doctor’s job easier and you can end up saving your own life. Without further ado, here are 12 breast cancer symptoms you should keep an eye on.

1) Thick mass. 

If you notice some masses in your armpit or near your breast that persists for a single or a couple of weeks, or throughout your period, then you should go see a doctor as soon as possible because that can be a product of breast cancer.

2) Indentation.

If you have a puckered skin or a part of your breast that is flattened, then that could be an indentation that is linked to breast cancer.

3) Skin Erosion.

If you have areas that are scaly or crusty, then you should go see a doctor and run the proper tests (especially if the erosion is around the nipple).

4) Redness or heat.

If you experience heat or redness in your breast’s skin or nipple, then you should schedule a doctor visit.

5) New fluid.

If a new bloodstained, brown, or clear liquid forms, then you should go see a doctor immediately (milk discharge is often not related to cancer even if you’re not lactating).

6) Dimpling.

This one is not always a breast cancer sign because it is related to other health issues, but there’s no harm in checking right? If you notice some sort of dimpling, then you should see a doctor to deny or verify your doubts.

7) Bumps. 

Lumps do not always slip under the radar. Noticeable changes in the breast’s surface can be lumps that indicate breast cancer.

8) Growing veins.

You should keep an eye on veins that are located in your breast area because enlarged veins mean that you might have breast cancer.

9) Retracted nipples.

Inverted nipples are natural and are not the sign of anything only if they were shaped like that naturally, but if they had another shape and retracted or inverted, then this can be a sign of breast cancer.

10) Change in shape or size.

Swelling breasts should not make you worry about anything because they do so during the menstrual cycle, but if they change drastically and you end up with breasts that have different sizes, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

11) Orange peel skin.

If your breast’s skin starts appearing pitted or developing ridges, you should see a doctor as soon as possible because that can be a symptom of breast cancer.

12) Invisible lump.

Lumps are the most common breast cancer symptom. If the lump is moveable and feels like soft beans, then there’s nothing to worry about because that can be because of lymph nodes or milk lobes. But, if the lump feels hard and you can’t move it, then it might be a cancerous one, and once you notice a lump like that, make sure to see a doctor to get the proper diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

Here’s a photo of some lemons that portrays the symptoms perfectly:



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