12 uses of old pill bottles you should know about


We all get sick once in a while and the doctor always gives us some pills to take in order to get better, we finish the medication and we forget about the pill bottles, we either throw them in the trash can or put somewhere and forget they exist. The bottles are actually waterproof and secure enough to prevent children from opening them up. All of this makes pill bottles perfect candidates for diverse uses around the house.

You can use the bottles to organize things, repurpose them for your own benefits without throwing them away and wasting a DIY treasure. Without further ado, here are 12 uses of old pill bottles you should know about.

1. Jewelry holder

Women love to take some jewelry with them when traveling and they always find it hard to reach inside the bag and grab the targetted one(s). To solve this problem, make sure to put the jewelry in an old pill bottle to keep them organized and easy to reach in a single container

2. Shower bottles

Sometimes, you don’t want to use the big body wash, conditioner, and shampoo bottle, so you buy a small container. You can save money by filling an old pill bottle with conditioner, shampoo, or body wash.

3. Make a portable sewing kit

If you keep losing buttons, then an old pill bottle can help you deal with that problem. You can make a portable sewing kit by filling a pill bottle with some spare buttons, a few needles, and some thread.

4. Hide a key

If you want to hide your spare key somewhere that won’t be found easily or at all, then put the key in an old pill bottle, dig a hole in your garden or in a pot, put the bottle in it, cover it and put a rock on top of it to mark it.

source: ZAKKA LIFE

5. First aid kit

You can make a tiny portable first aid kit that can fit in your pocket, backpack, bag, purse, etc, using an old pill bottle. All you have to do is fill the bottle with antacids, bandaids, sewing needle, ibuprofen, and some thread.