13 Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know


Your car is an extension of your home, but how often do you treat your car like you treat your home? Keep your wheels in good shape and make your life on the road easier with these simple and genius car hacks.

Use cereal boxes as trash cans.

Plastic cereal boxes are large enough to be used as car trash cans. The flip-top opening ensures that what you throw away doesn’t fall to the ground after a sharp turn. Put a supermarket plastic bag in the container and you can always go back to dumping.

Use a tennis ball to measure the space in the garage.

If you have difficulty judging the distance to the garage, hang a tennis ball from the ceiling with a string so that it will stop on the windshield when you drive far enough away. No more guessing.

Download a parking app and find your car.

Now, where did you park your car? Oh dear, not again! If you tend to forget where you parked, don’t worry. There are apps that will help you find your car in no time, so you don’t have to spend time wandering around the parking lot with your key fob. There are several apps available, but all of them know where your car is parked and will guide you to that spot without mistakes. Kind of like breadcrumbs, but better.

Cupcake liners keep cup holders clean.

source : onegoodthing

Car cupholders are said to be the hardest corner of the car to clean, as they tend to accumulate dust, crumbs, and a variety of other sticky substances. Fortunately, there is a trick to keeping cup holders clean without a lot of hassle. Simply place a cupcake liner in the bottom of the cup holder. When they get dirty, simply replace them with new ones.

De-icing frozen locks with hand sanitizer

Maybe you already keep hand sanitizer in your car in case you need a quick clean on the go. Now, here’s a new way to use your handheld cleaner. If your keys are frozen, squeeze the hand cleaner out a little before putting them in. The alcohol in the cleaner will melt the ice and make it easier to turn the key.

Warm up the windshield wipers.

Don’t waste valuable time (and risk being late for work) trying to pry up frozen windshield wipers. Protect yourself with socks. Keep a pair of socks in your car during the winter and place them on the wipers at night when the weather looks bad to prevent them from freezing and freezing solid.

Hang hooks to keep floors clean.

Everyone wants a little more storage space in their car. Here’s a low-budget tip. Put hooks on the front seat headrest brackets so you can hang bags, umbrellas, and other items. Everything you need is now out of the way and easily accessible.