13 surprising coke uses you should know about


Coca-cola is a famous soda drink that is known for its special and unique taste. However, drinking is not the only thing that it can, it has many more uses than you could imagine.

The combination of acidity, caffeine, and sugar make Coca-cola an incredible stain fighter and many more uses as well. If you think that coke is for drinking only, then keep reading to know 13 surprising coke uses you should try out.

1. Clean toilets

This sounds strange, but it is exactly what it sounds like. The coke has acids that can break down stains in toilet bowls. All you have to do is pour coke in the bowl and let it sit for an hour, then flush out and the stains will go right down the drain.

2. Fertilize some plants

Plants like Gardenias and Azaleas love a little bit of acidity, that is why pouring some coke in the soil is a good idea because it will provide the acidic boost they are craving for. Furthermore, the microorganisms feed on coke’s sugar.

3. Loosen rusted bolts and nuts

If your bolts and nuts built-up rust, then soak a cloth in coke and put it on the rusted bolts and nuts. The drink can strip some of the rust and will make them easier to move.

4. Get rid of grease stains

If you are having a tough time cleaning grease stains, then pour a can of coke in your wash. However, if the stain is hard to clean, then try soaking it in the pop directly before you start washing.

5. Remove grease stains from concrete

To remove greasy stains from concrete, simply soak them in the delicious soda, then use a hose to wash them down without the need of elbow grease.