14 People Who Are Taking Parenting To A Whole Other Level


Let’s face it: being a parent is the hardest job there is. We all love our kids, but there are days when they seem to get endlessly bored, when our patience wanes and we’re almost ready to throw in the towel. Before we get to that point, check out the following 14 parents who have come up with some great tips to make parenting a little easier.

1. Sandbox Tent

Kids love sandboxes, but unfortunately, cats like to use them as their litter boxes. Solve that problem by using an old tent to house a sandbox! When your child is done playing, simply zip up the tent to seal it off from neighborhood kitties.

2. Tape Race Track

source: Home Design Inspired

Give your kids hours of fun by taping a “racetrack” onto your carpet or floor with painter’s tape. It’s genius!

3. Igloo Building Blocks

Help your kids build the best igloo possible by using tupperware containers for the creation of the snow blocks!

4. Plane, Train, And Car Entertainment

Keep kids busy on a long plane, train, or car ride by having them play with window stickers or jellies.

5. Color-Coded Kids

When taking more than one child to a busy, crowded place such as a park or the zoo, dress them all in the same color shirt. It will make it much easier to spot them all if they disperse in different directions.

6. Sponge Ice Pack

source: Instagram/@1crazyhousetips / Kids Activities

No ice pack? No problem. Wring out a sponge, place it in a Ziploc bag, and use it in place of an ice pack to keep your kids’ lunches cool.

7. DIY Baby Bathtub

If you’re going to be somewhere without a bathtub, bring an inflatable kiddie pool! You can plop it in a shower stall when it’s your child’s bath time.

8. Parking Lot Hack

To keep a child from wandering in a parking lot when you’re trying to load up the car, get a magnetic hand sticker and have your child place their hand on the magnetic hand until you’re ready to go.