15 tricolor houseplants with fantastic foliage


If you like plants with colorful leaves, then we have some rare tricolor houseplants with a beautiful combination of three colors on the foliage!
Here are some beautiful tricolor houseplants that you can add to your room with a unique combination of three colors on the foliage!

Superb tricolor houseplants

1. Tricolor Stromanthe

Tricolor Houseplants

The variegated foliage, of an exceptional beauty, is of cream, pink and green hue, which makes this plant simply stand out! It prefers a medium filtered light

2. Chinese Evergreen Tricolor

This beautifully patterned aglaonema variety has aesthetic foliage that gives it a classy appearance with a fusion of deep green, cream and light pink.

3. Lauren’s Rainbow Croton

Tricolor Houseplants 2

This variety of croton has a long and narrow foliage in shades of yellow, green and dark purple. It can reach a height of 1.5 to 2.5 meters with a similar distribution.

4. Flapjack

Popular for its foliage, the paddle-shaped leaves have shades of red, cream and green. It changes color depending on light conditions and behaves best in full sun.

5. Plant snake Cleopatra

Tricolor Houseplants 3

This gorgeous specimen features pretty light green leaves with dark green stripes and pink margins, making it a great shoe in three shades!

6. Rainbow Peperomia

Rainbow Peperomia is an excellent choice for beginning gardeners because it develops through neglect. It has light green leaves with pink and dark yellow edges.

7. Corona

Tricolor Houseplants 4

Also known as calathea painted pink, it has large glossy leaves with light green centers and dark green patterns with touches of turquoise and pink.

8. Gingerland

This variety of caladium with ligulate leaves has small to medium size, heart-shaped, creamy white leaves with green borders and pinkish-red spots.

9. Rosebud

Tricolor Houseplants 5

The “rosebud” offers large leaves with a pink center surrounded by white spots and green borders. The plant is very beautiful in small colorful planters.

10. Canne à sucre

This beautiful variety of plant Ti offers green leaves with cream and pink patterns. It prefers the spotted light.


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