7 Homemade Orchid Food | Do-it-yourself orchid fertilizer


Learn how to prepare homemade plant food for orchids with the ingredients in your home or kitchen and grow them healthy and beautiful!

Homemade Plant Food for Orchids

These homemade orchid foods are easy to prepare and will help you preserve these beauties by giving them beautiful colors!

  1. Water-soluble fertilizers
    This fertilizer is an excellent source of nitrogen and can be used as an alternative to regular watering once a month.

2.Granular fertilizers
You can apply this nitrogen-rich food once a month to orchids for complete nutrition, filled with extra phosphorus and calcium.

  1. Foliar fertilizer for eggshells
    You can use it on the foliage of orchids to give them a dose rich in nitrogen, potassium and calcium.

Other homemade fertilizer recipes

  1. Cooking water for potatoes or rice
    The cooking water of potatoes and rice contains calcium and potassium. In addition, rice water also contains vitamin B. You can store the water in the refrigerator after cooking or boiling the potatoes and rice.

Before using, take the water out of the refrigerator and let it reach room temperature. Use this liquid meal once every 3-4 weeks on your orchids to obtain greener leaves and more abundant flowering.


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