18 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Use Magic Erasers For!


Do you have oil splatters in the kitchen, dust covering your baseboards, marker streaks on your dividers? Beyond what likely we would all be able to answer yes to at any rate one of these announcements. So how would we battle the soil and grime that fills our home?

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

With more than 100 unique uses, the Magic Eraser can handle any kind of soil, stain, or grime!

So how accomplishes the enchantment work?

The Magic Eraser is made of melamine froth that can be utilized as a rough cleaner.It works in light of the fact that the grating froth goes about as a SUPER fine sandpaper on stains. The Magic Eraser slackens earth and grime and afterward traps the soil inside the froth. Great, isn’t that so?

So how might you utilize a Magic Eraser?

Look at what we found! The following are 18 Mind Blowing Ways to Use a Magic Eraser!

Expel Labels From Glass Bottles

Do you have a charming glass bottle you need to reuse? Or on the other hand simply need to get those annoying stickers off another jug you just purchased? This mysterious wipe will evacuate stick buildup on the glass and take a tad of disappointment out of your day! Kelly from A Side Of Sweet took the name off a Starbucks bottle.

Evacuate Permanent Marker

Regardless of whether your children went somewhat insane with an indelible marker or you simply need to delete a name from a wine glass, a Magic Eraser is the best method to expel indelible marker from plastic or glass.

Expel Dirt From  Your Computer

Finished with the console? We should proceed onward to the outside of your PC. Each notice how grimy it is? Utilize a Magic Eraser to wipe the grime away!

Expel The Dirt From Your Windowsills

Windowsills are known to be loaded up with earth and grime, however you’re likely overlooking them right? Rapidly and effectively clean your windowsills with a moist Magic Eraser like Censie at Building Our Story. With no real effort and only a tad of work, they’ll be all around great!

Expel Red Stains From Plasticware

Expel red sauce stains from plasticware rapidly and effectively with a Magic Eraser! This tip will spare you from such a large number of demolished dishes and tubs.

Clean Your Baseboards

The Simple Moms have an extraordinary thought for cleaning your baseboards! On the off chance that you need to get your baseboards looking fresh out of the plastic new without a great deal of exertion and repulse future residue, clean them with a Magic Eraser first and afterward rub with a dryer sheet!

Clean Your Oven Window Like A Pro

Since you have your stovetop clean, we should proceed onward to the broiler entryway. Within the stove glass can be the hardest thing to clean in your kitchen, so a large portion of us disregard it. Be that as it may, it turns out, you can clean that sickening stove entryway with a Magic Eraser! The Polished Habitat has an incredible instructional exercise on the most proficient method to clean your broiler entryway. Switch back and forth between a wet and dry eraser and with a smidgen of real effort your broiler will be shimmering clean!

Expel Grime From Your Keyboard

Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing a console right now that is brimming with soil and grime? Yuck! The Mama’s Girls have an incredible tip! Use a Magic Eraser to wipe all the gunk away. Wrap up by expelling the residue with an air duster and your console will look pristine!

Dispose of Hard To Remove Food From The Microwave

It is such an errand to clean prepared on food from the side of the microwave. Make it somewhat simpler by utilizing a Magic Eraser!