20 Creative And Fun Things To Try With Your Pipe Cleaners!


Pipe cleaner crafts are not something you’d normally find in a kid’s room. Obviously, they’re not meant for kids, they’re normally used as a brush to clean smoking pipes, so of course, your children have nothing to do with them.

Pipe cleaners are available in all craft stores. And there are millions of things you can make with these little things. But if you want to start, we collected 20 of the finest pipe cleaner craft ideas for your children, from the easiest to the expert!

1. Pipe Cleaner Rose Ring

This ring from “No Big Deal” is simple and easy to make, yet amazing to look at! You’re going to wear it non-stop once you make it! If you want to make it more beautiful, you can make the pipe cleaners the same exact color or look for tones that go well with each other for a more outstanding effect!

2. Pipe Cleaner Wands

Spread the magic around with a magical glittery stick! This art venture from Moon Frye works both as a basic tidy up stick alongside for blowing bubbles. An ideal choice for small kids that get exhausted rapidly!

3. Pipe Cleaner Crown

Get your princess on with this shocking crown from Can Dancer! Use glittery funnel cleaners and furthermore include diamond sticker marks for a crown deserving of an imperial. Furthermore functions admirably for a birthday girl at her wedding.

4. Pipe Cleaner Glasses

If you need to convey your internal Harry Potter and furthermore want the glasses to choose the stick, look at this specialty from Artsy Mom. Made with sparkling funnel cleaners, this is one lot of details you won’t wish to take off!

5. Pipe Cleaner Bunny Ears

Bunnies are simply enchanting, as is this art! Made with enormous chenille stems and silk, this is an enjoyment make that furthermore functions admirably for Easter, ensemble gatherings, Halloween or a bunny-themed birthday party!

6. Pipe Cleaner Finger Creature Establish

Breath life into your favored stories with an assortment of finger manikins from Woo Jr! You can use these for any topic, and furthermore they’re really easy to make. I for one love the tail on that pet feline such an adorable detail!

7. Pipe Cleaner Young Child Plaything

Kidspot has a fantastic thought for a child toy used channel cleaners. An empty chips holder is changed into a knowing toy, where children can practice coordinating shades and furthermore building up their incredible engine abilities. Ideal for a child boisterous sack or bluntness box!

8. Pipe Cleaner Aliens

You’ve perhaps got heaps of superhuman activity numbers, anyway where are the outsiders that manage them? They are over at Destination Femme! Make these out of control outsiders with portable arms and legs, and make them as gigantic or as absurd as you can imagine!

9. Pipe Cleaner Angling Game

That needs a watercraft and vile worms to go angling when you can do it with pipe chemicals? Shaded chenille stems are used to make everything in this game, from fish to octopus to reeds and furthermore the angling pole!

10. Pipe Cleaner Crystal Stars

This is a flawless DIY from One Little Task, joining finding and play in one specialty! It’s amazing what borax and channel chemicals can do when they work together!


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