20 Unique & Fun Raised Garden Bed Ideas


It’s outstanding that raised beds are one of the most productive and powerful approaches to cultivate. They guarantee an abundant collect by empowering air circulation and seepage, expanding the developing seasons and limiting harm by weeds and nuisances.

In any case, raised beds aren’t simply utilitarian – they can likewise be an alluring and one of a kind point of convergence for the garden!

Here are 20 of the best-raised bed ideas around:

1. Raised Bed with Rainwater Collector and Dining Table

In spite of the fact that it might appear to be a mammoth endeavor, building this raised bed would make for a mind-blowing garden feature and theme of discussion. It likewise gives a region to otherworldly open-air eating and an eco-accommodating inclination on account of its water protection framework.

2. Chicken Coop Raised Bed

Those with their very own lawn chickens can exploit the space on the coop to develop herbs or different plants. A ‘green’ coop rooftop additionally keeps your herd hotter in the winter and cooler in the late spring, while at the same time giving sound protection from the substantial downpour.

3. Layered Metal and Wood Beds

Using layered metal boards and brilliantly painted wood, these raised beds are both merry and practical. While you can purchase every one of the materials you require for an 8 x 8 bed for under $70, frugal plant specialists might probably utilize old shed material and recovered wood to accomplish a similar impact for nothing!

4. Keyhole Garden Raised Bed with Inbuilt Composter

Alleged on the grounds that the inbuilt fertilizing the soil bushel at the middle gives the nursery a keyhole shape when seen from over, this raised bed utilizes a few layers in addition to manure to hold dampness and sustain the dirt, making it more beneficial than an ordinary nursery.

5. Raised Bed with Cold Frame

By adding circles to your raised beds, you’ll be eliminating winter work while expanding the developing season. At the point when the climate begins to turn, simply wrap plastic over the circles – including a couple of additional developing a long time in both spring and pre-winter.

6. Watering Trough Raised Beds

Intended to hold water for homestead creatures, these electrify compartments are tough, strong and come promptly gathered – sparing you the issue of developing a bed from timber. Simply try to jab openings in the base before fixing with a rock to energize waste.

7. Layered Raised Bed

An uncommon and appealing layered bed that will add surface and profundity to your nursery. Plant a blend of trailing vines and upstanding plants for the best impact.

8. Wine Box Beds

A mixture of compartment cultivating and raised bed planting, these wine box beds are perfect for plant specialists who like to move their plants around, or for the individuals who just have a gallery to work with! The cases can be stacked to height, sorted out in levels or just organized next to each other.

9. Milk Crate Garden

Like the wine box grower, these milk case raised beds are adaptable and fun. It’s likewise fantastically simple to lay your hands on void containers, so there’s no reason not to begin raised bed planting today!

10. Car Tire Raised Beds

Who might have thought a couple of destroyed vehicle tires could look so great? Apply a lick of paint and mastermind in levels or stacks for an amazing yet frugal summer nursery look.

11. Half Wine Barrel Beds

Cut old wine barrels down the middle and show them on help legs for this tasteful looking interpretation of raised bed cultivating.

12. Bed Raised Beds

Keep your nursery flawless and clean with negligible exertion by laying beds-level on the ground and planting between the shafts. For a bigger nursery abundance, you can stack the beds to make a vertically developing nursery.

13. Soot Block Beds

One of the least demanding and least expensive approaches to develop a raised nursery is by utilizing soot squares to make the outskirt. Paint them to coordinate your shading plan or leave them as normal. The gaps in each square are additionally perfect for planting herbs and flavors!

14. Woven Willow Beds

Round up groups of adaptable willow branches and weave them together to shape this strong and eco-accommodating wattle bed. Speck a couple of these around the nursery for a provincial and gritty feel.

15. Raised Bed with Benches

Including a seat or two onto the side of your raised beds is a smart answer for more established planters or those with back or knee issues. Basically, plunk down to plant, weed, gather and appreciate your convenient work! The best part is that this undertaking should just take a half-day to finish.

16. Winding Raised Herb Bed

The twisting state of this flawless little grower is ideal for flaunting your herb garden. Its double stature implies it likewise functions admirably with a blend of preparing and upstanding plant examples.

17. Old Plates for Smaller Raised Beds

While this won’t work for most raised beds, utilizing supper plates as edging is a frugal and surprising approach to feature shallow raised beds. Use an old arrangement of dishes or pick confusing plates in a similar shading plan to truly make the bed pop!

18. Gated Raised Bed and Trellis

Keep your vegetables pleasant and clean, and safe from your pets, with this, encased raised bed. The sponsorship trellis expands developing space and offers help for yields like beans and peas.

19. Butterfly Shaped Bed

For a genuinely dazzling raised bed, reproduce this butterfly-molded one. With different segments, and using contrasting levels, it might be hard to build however the outcomes will be justified, despite all the trouble!

20. Star Center Raised Garden

Genuine nursery workers will desire this plan, which commits a whole territory of the nursery to raised vegetable beds. The external boxes use space well, and energize vertical development, while the inward star shape houses a diminutive person lemon tree and falling strawberry plants. Obviously, there is abundant space to easily get to the beds from all sides.