Use these 12 hacks to solve the most common house problems


Running up against issues and problems around the house is something that is frequent in every house. Just to make you feel a little bit better, everyone runs into these problems, so it is completely normal and you don’t have to worry too much. However, calling for professional assistance every time can be a little bit expensive.

Honestly, you don’t need professional assistance because you can solve most of these problems by yourself. And for that reason, we bring you 12 hacks to solve the most common house problems.

1. Rust stains

The technological development made human life so much easier and one invention that stands up the most is the dishwasher. Since the early releases, dishwashers made an incredible success because they’ve proven their effectiveness and amazing dishwashing abilities. However, not all dishes can survive multiple cycles and some of them can build-up rust (like steak knives). If there are rust stains on your dishes, then clean them using the following method:

Soak the stained dish in lemon juice for a couple of minutes, then wipe off the excess lemon and you will see that rust stains are part of history.


2. Hanging photos

Hanging pictures on your house’s walls can be a pleasing and aesthetic addition to the decoration, but sometimes when you sit back and admire the picture, something seems off. If the pictures are crooked or do not seem to fit the place you hang them in, try this method:

Apply some toothpaste to the backside of the frames (where the nail goes), then press the frame against the wall to stick the toothpaste on it. Once done, hammer the nail to the marked spot to have perfectly straight hanged pictures.


3. Microwave space

Microwave can come in handy in many situations especially when you want to eat something but you don’t want to cook. The biggest problem that you might run into is the lack of space inside the microwave. If you want to create space for two dishes in your microwave, make sure to a bowl on an overturned mug.

source: REDDIT

4. Sandwich packing

If you have kids that go to school or if you go to work and you don’t have enough time to come back home for lunch, then sandwiches are the best lunch option because they’re easy to make and they necessarily demand any kind of reheating, however, the toppings always end up creating a mess. To avoid this problem, make sure to wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap, then put it in the lunch container. If you decide to store the sandwich in a ziplock bag, then you can use a straw to suck out all of the air before sealing the bag shut.


5. Permanent marker stains

Permanent markers are very useful especially when it comes to labeling boxes, container, etc, but permanent marker stains are very hard to clean up. If you end up with permanent marker stains on your wall(s), you can use hairspray or toothpaste to clean the stains. If the stains are on clothing, use hand sanitizer. If on the carpet, use white vinegar. If the stains end up on wood, use rubbing alcohol. If the stains end up on furniture, use milk. If on whiteboards, use a pencil rubber eraser. If somehow you end up with permanent marker stains on glass or ceramic, then mix 1 part baking soda with 1 part toothpaste and use the blend to clean the stains.

source: 9GAG

6. Icy sidewalks

Winter is a very charming season, but it is very energy draining as well, especially if you live in areas where it snows because removing ice from the sidewalk is not an easy thing to do. To avoid doing all of the work by hand, make a DIY ice melt. You are going to need 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol, half a gallon of warm water, and a few drops of dish soap. Mix everything together and pour the solution on the ice while the water is still warm, then shovel the ice away (yes, you will still have to shovel the snow, but this time the process is way easier).

source: WIKIHOW

7. Stale cake

If you always end up with stale cakes, then you have to find a way to keep the cake moist. To do that, put some bread slices on the cut areas, then use toothpicks to hold them in place to force the bread to be stale and protect your cake’s interior.


8. Furniture scuffs

I love how wood furniture looks, there is something special about it, I think that it adds up a classy look to the area they sit-in, but they get scuffed easily and dealing with this problem can cost you some money. Luckily, there is a cheap alternative that needs a walnut and a walnut only. Take the walnut and start rubbing it on the scuff (don’t stop until it disappears).

source: GUFF

9. Clothes storage

Human beings change their clothing almost every season because every piece of clothing fits a season perfectly (jackets for winter, t-shirts for summer, etc). The main issue about this topic is space because clothes if left unstored can take a huge space in the closet. You can manage the space in your closet using large garbage bags. Store clothes in different bags according to seasonal use and put them way back in your closet. This way you save up space and you won’t have to deal with many items on your hanger(s).


10. Bobby pin organization

Bobby pins are one of those items that love to disappear. I personally buy a lot of bobby pins and I always end up losing them. This problem is quite frustrating but can be easily fixed. Buy a magnetic strip and attach it to your drawer’s interior and stick your bobby pins on it whenever you’re done using them.


11. Sheet storage

Storing sheets is not a hard thing to do, but it is quite tricky. Make sure to fold the sheets and put them inside their pillowcases to save space and precious time.


12. Slippery rugs

Rugs are a pleasing addition to the house and sometimes they are a must especially if you have hardwood or linoleum floors. Not to mention the role they play during the winter. Unfortunately, rugs slide off easily and can end up scattered everywhere, but you can solve this problem using velcro sticks. Simply attach a strip on every corner and connect them to strips on the floor.

source: LISTOTIC


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