24 Surprising Ways To Use Rubbing Alcohol


Rubbing alcohol, a household staple, is renowned for its disinfectant properties. However, its potential extends beyond medical applications. This article unveils the versatility of rubbing alcohol with innovative and money-saving hacks for various everyday situations.

1. Jewelry Revival

Bring the gleam back to your jewelry by soaking it in rubbing alcohol, then drying and buffing it with a jewelry polishing cloth.

2. Odor Eliminator

Banish unpleasant odors from your shoes by spraying them with rubbing alcohol and letting them air-dry in the sun.

3. Bed Bug Buster

Combat bed bugs by spraying rubbing alcohol in mattress seams, between the mattress and box spring, or other potential hiding spots. Vacuum treated areas once the alcohol dries.

4. Keyboard Saver

Clean and disinfect your keyboard effortlessly by using a Q-tip dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove crumbs and dust from between the keys.

5. Makeup Palette Rescue

Don’t panic when your makeup palette shatters. Mix the crushed pieces with rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and watch your palette become whole again.

6. Whiteboard Wizardry

Erase marker stains from whiteboards by applying rubbing alcohol to a cloth and wiping the stains away effortlessly.

7. Microfiber Miracle

Tackle stubborn stains on microfiber furniture by dabbing rubbing alcohol onto them. For tougher stains, gently scrub with a cleaning toothbrush, and watch the stains disappear as the alcohol dries.

8. Shoe Stretching

Ease the discomfort of tight leather shoes by spraying their soles and insides with rubbing alcohol. Wear them with thick socks around the house, and they’ll stretch comfortably.

9. DIY Air Freshener

Create a budget-friendly air freshener by mixing rubbing alcohol with your favorite essential oil and putting the solution in a spray bottle.

10. Crystal-Clear Eyeglasses

Disinfect and clean eyeglasses by spraying rubbing alcohol on a glasses-friendly cleaning cloth, leaving them shiny and germ-free.

11. Stubborn Sticker Remover

Soak stubborn stickers or labels with rubbing alcohol for a few minutes to make them easy to scrape away.

12. Makeup Brush Revival

Keep your skin healthy by disinfecting dirty makeup brushes. Soak the bristles in rubbing alcohol, then let them air-dry for ready-to-use brushes.

13. Hairspray Be Gone

Remove sticky hairspray residue from mirrors by wiping them with rubbing alcohol.

14. Frost-Free Windshields

Eliminate frost from car windshields by filling a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, spraying it, and watching the frost disappear without the need for heavy scraping.

15. Smartphone Sanitizer

Disinfect and clean your phone by rubbing it down with rubbing alcohol, removing dirt and germs.

16. Tick Trouble

Before removing a tick from your dog, drown it in rubbing alcohol to loosen its grip on your dog’s skin. Then, use tweezers to remove it safely.

17. Chrome Elegance

Make chrome faucets and fixtures gleam by applying rubbing alcohol for a clean, spot-free finish.

18. Ink Stain Vanisher

Soak ink-stained clothing in rubbing alcohol before washing to ensure the stain comes right out.

19. Faux Plant Resurrection

Dust no more! Spritz plastic plants with rubbing alcohol and watch dust vanish as the alcohol evaporates.

20. Stainless Steel Shine

Keep your stainless steel appliances and fixtures spot-free by applying rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth.

21. Grease Stain Eraser

Dabbing a grease stain with rubbing alcohol can help remove it from your carpet. Always test a small, inconspicuous area first.

22. Odor Neutralizer

Eliminate lingering odors from chopping onions or other pungent substances by applying rubbing alcohol to your hands.

23. Nail Polish Savior

Swap harsh chemical-filled nail polish removers with rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn polish while being gentler on your nails.

24. Itch-Be-Gone

Relieve itching from spider or mosquito bites by dabbing a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol onto the affected area.

Incorporate these ingenious rubbing alcohol hacks into your daily life to save money and tackle various everyday challenges.


Rubbing alcohol is more than just a disinfectant; it’s a versatile solution to everyday problems. From cleaning to reviving, it offers a range of practical applications. By harnessing the power of rubbing alcohol, you can address various household and personal needs effectively and economically.

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