3 Easy Ways To Deal With Popcorn Ceilings


Ceilings are one of those absurd things that you keep looking at whenever you’re drifting far away with your thoughts and they also provide protection from rain and other things. However, having a popcorn ceiling is not that appealing and is quite difficult to deal with.

The surface of popcorn ceilings traps dust and dirt and makes them really hard to clean off. However, you don’t have to replace your ceiling because you can deal with that popcorn ceiling of yours easily using these next 3 methods.

1. Spray with water then scrape away

A little bit of water is more than enough to handle popcorn ceilings (this method is actually quite famous). Simply spray the bumpy surfaces with warm water to loosen them up, then start scraping everything down.

But first, make sure to remove all of the furniture from the room and make sure to cover the floors with traps to avoid damaging the carpets or floors.

2. Use a spackle knife and vacuum

If you don’t want to deal with the mess left behind after using the traditional scraping method, then Youtuber Aaron Rollins has the solution for you. Simply tape a spackle knife to the end of your shop-vac. This way, you won’t end up with a mess because everything that gets scraped will be sucked into the vacuum’s tube.

3. Cover with drywall

Sometimes asbestos and lead paint can be obstacles that you should consider before dealing with the popcorn ceiling. If you discover lead paint or asbestos (or you already know that they exist) and you want to avoid them, then drywalling over the popcorn is your only option.


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