3 sisters over 100 years of age share their reasons for a long and healthy life


Many people would like to know the secret to longevity. We all do our best to take care of our health, but there seems to be more to longevity than that. But the best way to get an inside look at longevity is to look at people who actually achieve it. Particularly interesting in terms of living to a ripe old age are the sisters from Kansas, USA.
Julia Kopriva (104), Lucy Pochop (102), and baby Frances Combs (100) are truly amazing siblings. But Compas, the youngest of the three, follows in her sisters’ footsteps and heeds their advice, believing that their longevity is no accident. Now, these three sisters have revealed their secret to the world!

Doing their best

The three sisters grew up on the family farm in Beardsley, Kansas. Their father did not have the latest tractor. We used gasoline in five-gallon drums in the fields,” Kopriva told KSN. They sometimes made the two-mile trip to school each day to stay healthy at an early age.

Eating Deliciously
All three sisters share a passion for good, healthy food. We make all our meals from scratch and often use trophies from the farm.” They didn’t eat luxurious food, but they did eat good food. She believes that chewing her food well is one of the reasons she has aged so impressively.

Staying Socially Active
The sisters also credit her with having an active social life in her later years.” Comps says, “Keep going. He also believes that making an effort to be physically active, such as taking walks, is absolutely necessary.

Stick to Your Beliefs
Another secret shared by the sisters is “faith in God. I think faith comes first!” Kopriva admits. This faith helps them find meaning in their lives and also makes them less afraid of what comes after.

Having each other.
One of the reasons the sisters have lasted so long is because of their relationship with each other. The three of them have always been close, but now that they are widowed, they really rely on each other. They go out together every night and play games.” They just come together and have always supported each other.” Combs’ daughter Fran Alak confesses.

The three sisters also made a point of supporting each other when they were younger. They always shared parenting responsibilities, so none of them ever felt alone. Valene, Porkop’s daughter, says, “They were always involved in each other’s lives.

After 100 years, Frances Compas is still trying to catch up with her sisters.

On November 11, Ms. Compas celebrated her 100th birthday, and she was joined in the festivities by her sister Julia Kopriva, who turned 104 in November, and her sister Lucy Pochop, who celebrated her 102nd birthday in June.

In all, about 50 people attended the party, which was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the northwest Kansas town of Atwood. This church is where they were baptized, confirmed in the faith, and married for many years. “I liked it,” Kompus said in a recent interview.” It was a good party.”

Growing up on a farm in Beardsley, Kansas, with her two older sisters, Kompus was always blessed with friends. After walking two miles to school, “I had to run to keep up with my sisters,” she recalls. I always did what my sisters did,” Compas says. Sometimes that was hard, sometimes it was fun.