20+ Everyday Items With Hidden Features You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of


We use many items every day without realizing that we are using them in the wrong way. These items, if used in the right way, can easily solve every little problem we have faced in the past and still face today. This list should also help you understand why some items are designed the way they are. So, let’s get started.

Why long-necked bottles?

Why make a long-necked bottle when a regular-sized bottle is sufficient?

This is because the shape of a long neck bottle is easier to hold and most importantly, it distributes the heat throughout the bottle when one holds it.

What are the extra holes in the trainer used for?

You may have noticed the holes in the back of your shoes and wondered what they were for. If you’re prone to blisters, these holes allow you to tie your laces tighter.

Simply place the laces in an additional hole (make sure you do it in the opposite direction), allowing you to create a loop on each side. It will give you a much tighter lock compared to what you would normally achieve by tying your shoelaces.

Why are the little buttons on jeans randomly placed?

Anyone who wears jeans is likely to notice all the extra buttons around their pants, mainly around the pockets.

These are button rivets that are strategically placed to prevent tears or fraying of the jeans. It was the idea of the legendary Levi Strauss, who patented these rivets.

Using Juice Box Baffles

Juice box flaps on the top are not meant to make the juice box fly (although it looks cute).

They are there to make it easier for children to hold.

Secret pockets in lingerie

Women’s underwear usually has a secret pocket. What are these pockets used for?

They are used to hold tampons and other small items. How many of you already know about them?

The hole in the padlock

If you look closely at the padlock, you will see a small hole at the bottom. Do you know what this is for?

They are used to drain water out of the padlock and to inject oil into the padlock to keep it from clogging.

Why are there loops on the back of the shirt?

If you have a garden-variety shirt, this tip doesn’t apply. If you have a collared shirt, there should be loops on the back. We should all be grateful to the Navy because all Navy men had loops on the back of their shirts so they could easily hang them on hooks.

Later, in the 1960s, they were used by college students to keep shirts from wrinkling. Today, these loops are used as a marker of quality and rank.

Cute dimples on golf balls

Golf balls are not round, so we can’t call them balls. But let’s not worry about that.

Dimples on golf balls exist because some golfers believe that a ball with dimples or bumps will fly farther than a smooth ball.

The role of the hole adjacent to the camera

Have you ever looked at your iPhone camera and noticed a small hole next to the camera lens and wondered why there is a hole there – ditch the conspiracy theory because Facebook is spying on you.

In fact, it’s a microphone. In fact, most smartphones have three microphones: one on the bottom edge of the phone, one under the speaker grill, and one next to the camera lens.

The purpose of the gas gauge arrow

Since 2010, all vehicles have had an arrow next to the gas gauge. Since we fill up with gasoline every day, we don’t really realize it.

However, it is useful when renting a car and refueling. Don’t make a fool of yourself by filling up incorrectly.