4 ways to remove scratches from your glasses!


Glasses are prone to getting scratched, and they are a pain to live with because of that, especially due to them being an inexpendable accessory for those of us with ocular problems. However, did you know that there are four ways to get rid of the scratches right at home? Well, there are, and here are they!

    Baby oil

Rubbing baby oil on the scratches is sure to get rid of them in no time! A soaked piece of cotton or cloth will do.

    Baking Soda

No matter the size of the scratch, baking soda says no to it and removes it! A paste made of water and baking soda applied to the lenses and then removed with lukewarm water is sure to do the trick.

   Car wax

Dabbing a cloth with car wax on it to plastic lenses will remove the scratches and leave you with clear glasses and a pristine view!

   Wood spray

Besides making for a great wood furniture cleaner, wood spray is actually quite effective against lense scratches, removing them with the utmost of ease.


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