9 Sewing Hacks Everyone Should Know


Maybe the very first thing that pops up in your mind is an old lady trying to show you how to sew properly. Well, you’re actually right. It’s true that this article is posted by an elderly woman, but sewing isn’t just for old women! Well, Next time you see your grandmother, you canof coure ask her for all some sewing tips.

Getting a tear in your pants might can be annoying, but not knowing how to fix it feels more annoying right?

1: Fix a hole using interfacing sewing

You can use interfacing sewing to fix your clothes. This form of sewing can be used to make the hold blend in with the rest of your clothing.

2: Make a perfect straight stitch every time

You might not know how to create a straight line if you just began learning how to sew

Don’t worry, try putting an elastic around the machine,this will help you  keep your lines straight.

3: Fix your stubborn straight pin

Poking your pins into a bar of soap is a great idea. They will easily glide through the fabric.

4: Use a soap bar instead of chalk

Another one that includes soap. It can also do the same function as the chalk. To draw a thicker, clearer mark, use soap to draw your lines.

5: Instead of making holes using pins, you can use clips

Use a clip to hold the material in place if you don’t want to make a hole in the material that you’re trying to hold down.

6: Use a hairspray to make threading a needle easier

Threading needles can be very annoying. So don’t waste your time and spray the end of the thread with some hairspray.

7: Keep your buttons from falling off

Everybody has experienced that irritating moment, when a button falls of your shirt. Don’t worry, you can some nail polish/top coat over the thread on your button and you’re good to go.