5 Best Grandma Home Remedies to Get Rid of Headaches Naturally

Fatigue and headaches are two of the frustrating things you can have because they make you feel weak and vulnerable both mentally and physically. They both happen because of low amounts of red blood cells. A low level of red blood cells means less oxygen binding because hemoglobins are not carried.
In other words, your body organs do not get enough oxygen and as a consequence, work efficiency drops. Headaches and fatigue (aka anemia) affect more than 3.5 million people in the United States of America alone. Without further ado, here are 5 natural ways to treat headaches and fatigue.
Important note: These home remedies may not always be enough to fully cure you, that is why you should always consult a doctor.

1. Eat more iron

Sometimes your diet can save you from getting anemia. Eating high protein foods can help you overcome your illness. Try to add liver, leafy greens, bison, beans, and beef to your diet because they are iron-rich foods that can help you overcome anemia.

2. Reduce stress

Sometimes your daily life can be the cause of anemia, in fact, most of the times you get anemia because of your daily life. How you may ask? The answer is stress. Nowadays, people go through stressful situations almost every day, whether at work, school, or simply in the street. Stress, as discovered by researchers, can lead to less production of serum iron and can eventually either be an indirect cause of anemia or the main cause for it. With all of this in mind, try to reduce stress by frequently going to a gym, meditate, do activities that you enjoy in your spare time, and go for long walks.

3. Avoid trigger foods

If you have anemia, you should stay away from the following foods:
  • White flour
  • Corn
  • Wine
  • Alcohol
  • Black tea
  • White rice

4. Get more probiotics in your diet

Sometimes your guts can directly cause anemia if their health is poor and not functioning properly. In other words, if your guts are not functioning properly, it means that your body does not fully absorb nutrients. To fix this, make sure to implement probiotics like tempeh, pickles, sauerkraut, greek yogurt, cheese, and miso to your diet.

5. Vitamin C

Anemia can make you vulnerable to other illnesses and health problems because it lowers your immune system. To fix this, you have to protect your immune system by eating more vitamin C rich foods, or by simply taking vitamin C supplements.


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