5 Simple Methods to Open a Difficult Jar


Jars are items that we use almost always because they’re made of glass and glass is perfect for maintaining food flavor and freshness, but sometimes, jars suddenly decide to lock up and not open up.

Opening a sealed jar sometimes can be close to impossible and puts a lot of stress and pressure on your wrist(s). You can make that task easier using these next 5 methods.

1. Slip-on rubber gloves 

If you’re the type of person that hates the feeling of dish soap on hands, then you probably use rubber gloves. A good tip is that rubber gloves give a perfect grip that can help you open up the jar lid when it seems stuck.


2. Pop the top

source: Mad in Crafts

Sometimes, jars refuse to open up not because they were shut tightly, but because they were vacuum sealed which makes it hard to open up the lid. To solve this problem, get a bottle opener and insert the pointed end under the lid’s lip, then start opening the jar the same way you open bottles by popping off the top seal.

3. Grab a spoon

If you don’t have a bottle opener, then there’s always a DIY solution. Get a metal spoon from the kitchen and nestle the spoon’s end between the lid and the jar, then apply leverage to pop off the seal using backward pressure.

4. Heat up the lid 

Metals, in general, have the expansion property. If the lid is made out of metal, then hold your jar sideways while the lid is under running hot water for a couple of minutes. This way, the lid will expand faster than the jar and it’ll be easy to open up.