Make sure to clean these 6 beauty items once you’re done using them


Daily beauty routines are things that most of us never forget or feel lazy about because our skin is important to us, that is why we tend to buy expensive and high-end beauty products for better results. However, most people use beauty gear way too often and forget to clean them. That way, bacteria will find shelter in those products, which means you’ll be inserting bacteria to your hair and skin instead of killing them.

Things should not go that road if you clean your beauty products usually and frequently. If you don’t know how to properly clean your beauty products or you don’t have enough money to buy specialty cleaners, here are 6 alternatives that can get you going.

1. Wash your hairbrush

We lose hair every single day and when we brush our hair we notice that very well. For that reason, your hairbrush needs to be cleaned because you don’t want constant build-ups of hair products, oils, and the hair itself on your brush. That is why you should clean your hairbrush regularly.

2. Keep your razors sharp

We use razors quite often, that is we should make sure that they are still sharp for the best results. Almost everyone stores razors in bathrooms, although that may seem a reasonable choice, it’s not because bathrooms have moisture and moisture will cause rust build-ups on razors. If you don’t want to store your razors elsewhere for safety reasons, then make sure to coat them lightly using baby oil between uses to keep them as sharp as possible for a long time.


3. Wash your makeup sponge 

Women usually use makeup sponges for the perfect makeup application, but most of them throw them back into their makeup bags without washing them not knowing that their facial oils and makeup are sitting there and they’ll be mixed with fresh makeup in the next use. That, of course, promotes bad skin health that can be avoided by cleaning the sponge with dish soap. All you have to do is work the dish soap into the sponge while wet, then rinse it by squeezing it under warm water. Once done, roll the sponge in a towel to squeeze out moisture, let it dry and you’re done.