5 Ways To Prevent Veggies From Getting Freezer Burn


I just don’t know what to do without my freezer. I do the best I can to not waste any food, and that’s why freezers are convenient. But it’s always a bad thing when you want to use something from the freezer to find that it has been ruined by freezer burn. Here are some tips that will help you make sure that your food freezes properly.

1. Let Foods Cool

If the food you’re putting in the freezer is still hot or warm, it will certainly get freezer burnt. Make sure that your food is cool enough at least to room temperature before storing it in the freezer.

2. The Colder, The Better

When your freezer temperature changes, it can lead to freezer burn. Make sure that your freezer temperature stays below 0 degrees, and try not to leave your freezer open for long.

3. Stock Your Freezer

If you want to prevent your food from freezer burns, keep it at least 75% full. When the foods are surrounded by other frozen foods, they regulate the temperature keeps things cold.