5 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking Your Boxed Cake Was Made From Scratch


Sometimes, we need to whip up a cake for a gathering or event, but don’t have a whole lot of time to invest in a baked creation that’s Cake Boss-worthy. That’s where glorious boxed cake mix comes in handy. If you find yourself throwing together a boxed cake but are worried about people knowing it was made from a box, just try these 5 genius hacks that’ll make your cake taste like it was made from scratch.

1. Mayonnaise

source: Southern Meets Mennonite

This might sound odd, but adding a bit of mayo to your boxed cake mix will make it super moist and full of flavor. Instead of using oil (which is in essentially all boxed cake recipes), use mayonnaise instead.

2. Milk

source: Scrumptious Moms

The majority of boxed cake mix recipes call for water, but using whole milk instead will make your cake creamier and give it a far richer flavor.

3. Coffee

source: WonderHowTo

Because what’s a better combination than coffee and chocolate?! If you substitute the water in a boxed cake mix for coffee, your cake will have a delicious, slightly unique flavor to it.

4. Sour Cream

source: DishMaps

For a super moist, flavorful cake, add a dollop or two of sour cream to the finished cake batter, then give everything a stir.

5. Butter

source: The Coers Family

Instead of using oil, you can use melted butter for a cake that certainly does not taste like it came from a box. This is a super simple trick to make your cake taste like the real deal.