6 Brilliant Tips To Get Rid Of Your Cold In 24 Hours!


In this cold winter, it’s impossible to avoid getting sick and catching a cold. Once the virus enters your body, it makes your life a living hell! You struggle to breathe, clogs your sinuses, makes your eyes watery and gives you coughing attacks.

Our houses are mostly filled with flu medicines, and we usually swallow them first once the virus enters our body. And even those powerful medicines don’t help us heal fast. Of course, they work, but they take a long time to show their effect.

To avoid taking medicines for a long time with no shown results, try these natural methods that only take 24 hours or less to work and get rid of your cold.

1. Shower

When you catch a cold, your sinuses get clogged by hardened mucus, taking a hot shower melts the mucus with heat and unclogs your sinuses.

2. Breakfast

Elderberry syrup is the best start of your day when you catch a cold. Start your breakfast drinking it, it helps your immune system with working well and will give it a kick start. And don’t forget to have a well-balanced breakfast, include some eggs, tea, and bacon. Eggs are a great protein source, and tea is an amazing drink for relaxing and soothing your nerves. Treat yourself with bacon if you love it, it will make you feel better.

3. Lunch

It’s time for lunch, and you need something that can treat your cold as well as your empty stomach. What’s the solution? Chicken soup, a chickpea-based dish, and a banana or your favorite fruit to get your dose of minerals, proteins, and vitamins that will help you heal.