6 clever ways to get rid of mice that actually work!

   Mice are some of the cutest, fluffiest, smallest bundles of joy one can have as a pe- no, wait, wrong scenario. Let’s do it again.
   Mice are some of the worst pests to plague your home, right up there with cockroaches, towards which I have a deep seated hatred. It is relatively easy to get rid of cockroaches -a slipper and a strong arm-, but not so much for mice. The traps have only a slight chance of catching them.
   To get rid of them naturally, it will take some ingenuity, and here are 6 ways devised by the most infamous power on the planet; grandmothers.

   1. Steel wool

   Stuff steel wool in any cranny you suspect mice to dwell. This will prevent them from getting out since they can’t chew through it.

   2. Powdered chocolate milk mix

   Sounds like something YOU’d drink, doesn’t it? I’ll do you one better; add Plaster of Paris to the mix. Drink it now, I dare you!
   Mice have a sweet tooth so the chocolate will attract them to the mix. Once they consume it, they will skidaddle and, eventually, die of thirst.

   3. Mashed potatoes

   Put the pot down! I meant the potato flakes! Sprinkle some instant potato flakes wherever you doubt there are mice lurking. This will make their stomachs bloat up, resuting in their imminent death

   4. No cat? No problem

   Ask a friend for some cat litter. Make sure your friend knows why you’re using it and that they are inebriated beforehand ’cause it’s just plain weird a request. Sprinkle the litter everywhere you doubt there are mice, and keep an eye on your security camera for some cartoon worthy mice running.

    5. Onions will repel mice

   Mice hate onion smell so having some scattered around the house will keep them away.

   6. Baking Soda

   I have ranted enough about the convenience of this product. Yet again, I am flabbergasted by this tidbit of information. Baking soda expand mice’s stomachs, courtesy of the gas produced, and will result in their death.