6 Reasons Why Mosquitos Are Attracted to you


Summer is finally here, it is time for BBQ’s, gatherings, outdoor activities, and all the fun stuff that you couldn’t do in other seasons. Well, there must be something bad about summer, because it’s life, that’s why. Summer means mosquitos and mosquitos means annoyance, itchiness, allergies, and discomfort. However, sometimes you feel like you are the only target that mosquitos are looking for, ever wondered why? Well here are 6 reasons behind that.

1) You’re athletic

It is a good thing to exercise and take care of your health by training, but this means that you will be a potential target to mosquitos because they lactic acid and your body produce just that after a training session.

2) Sweat

Sweat odor is disgusting to human beings, but to mosquitos, it is a sweet and attracting smell to them(especially the mosquito breeds that carry diseases like malaria). To solve this problem, make sure to take a shower and avoid putting on any perfume or sweet-smelling soaps because that attracts mosquitos as well.

3) You’re pregnant

Mosquitos are attracted to CO2 and pregnant women produce high levels of CO2 that is why mosquitos roam all over them.

4) You’ve been drinking

As mentioned before, mosquitos are attracted to CO2 and drinking alcoholic beverages ups your metabolism and that makes your body produce more CO2 and that attracts mosquitos (mosquitos are attracted more to beer drinkers).

5) Wearing dark or bright clothes

Dark and bright colors attract mosquitos, that is why you should wear light colors to go off the mosquito radar.

6) You have type O blood

Everyone has a favorite drink, and mosquitos have a favorite blood type to drink or in their case suck. Researches have proven that mosquitos are attracted to type O blood more than any other type. If you have type A blood, then you’re lucky because they don’t like it that much.

If you are sick of being a mosquito meal, here are 5 ways to keep them away from you:

1) Shower often.

As mentioned before, mosquitos love the smell of sweat. Make sure to take showers often to avoid getting an unwanted blood suck.

2) Wear thicker clothes

This may be a little hard to do, but it is quite effective, a thick layer of clothes will be impossible for mosquitos to penetrate.

3) Use bug repellents.

You can buy one or make one by mixing lemon with lemongrass and eucalyptus oil. Mosquitos hate the smell of lemon and the suggested blend contains just that.

4) Avoid going where mosquitoes are most likely to be 

Mosquitos often inhabit wind-less forests, swamps, stagnant forests, and areas with tall grasses. Going there is like stepping into their territory and that means getting many mosquito bites.

5) Eat garlic, onions, and chili peppers.

These foods can make your body a disgusting meal that mosquitos will avoid at all costs.