6 Unusual Uses Of Cinnamon That Will Change Your Garden!


Cinnamon is a great spice for baking and cooking, but that’s not its only use! Cinnamon has always been a popular spice all over the world for uses in cooking and medicine.

Ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks can be easily found in grocery stores all over the world and it’s very cheap. You may want to store the spice when you see everything you can do in your garden.

1. Ants Repellant
Cinnamon kills ants by suffocating them when they inhale it. Ants also won’t be able to smell food sources when smelling the cinnamon aroma. Let’s not forget that it’s all-natural and non-toxic for your pets and children.
2. Defeat fungus
Spreading ground cinnamon on the soil will prevent fungi from growing. It targets surface-level fungi and wild mushrooms.
3. Protect seedlings from disease
Despite it being antifungal, cinnamon is a great tool for protecting your soil from getting rot and diseases. Keeping moisture at bay is the key; sprinkle the cinnamon on seeds and use a dome tactic can protect the seeds until they grow.
4. Root and graft plants
The cinnamon powder works as a great rooting hormone, you can make your roses or your preferred plants sturdier after replanting them by dipping them in cinnamon powder. Cinnamon kills competition, so to speak, so your flower can grow better.
5. Heal sick plants
If you’ve done any damage to your plants or just cut them, use cinnamon on the wounds to help them heal faster.
6. Keep mosquitoes away from the garden
Dusting cinnamon powder around your plants will work as a mosquito repellent, as well as other bugs. Insects don’t like cinnamon’s strong smell, so in order to keep your garden in peace, use this method.