7 Method To Keep Spiders Away From Your Bed


There is nothing better than lying down in your comfy bed especially after a long tiring day, but imagine finding a spider in it, pretty bad right? Spiders won’t only annoy you but can bite and maybe transmit a disease or they can lay eggs which will be a much bigger problem. So you want to prevent this from happening? Here are 7 methods to keep spiders away from yor bed:

1. Clean your bedding often.  Your hair and skin cells that are settled on your bed can attract spiders, so consider cleaning your bed sheets often

2. Avoid storing boxes or anything under the bed. Spiders can easily inhabit the belongings that you put under the bed which creates a easy access to your bed. Always keep the area that is under your bed clean

3. Spray sheets with essential oils. Potent smells are toxic to spiders and repells them. Experts suggest the usage of lavander, lemon, orange and mint. Mix water with numerous drops of one the mentioned essential oils, then pour the mix into a spray bottle then spray your bed with it, that will keep spiders aways and a fresh smell in your bed sheets smell

4. Move your bed from the wall. If your bed does not have a headboard and put up against a wall, spiders then are given easy access to your bed through the wall cracks. Make sure that your bed is distant from th wall and make sure that any bug attracting furniture is away from your bed

5. Avoid eating in bed. Spiders will love to eat the remains and the crumbs of your food that are left on your bed, so avoid eating in the bed

6. Clean ceiling lamps or fans. Spiders can find an easy access from your ceiling to your bed, make sure to to clean your rooms lamps and fans and of course the ceiling itself  to clear the dust and dirt.

7. Keep the air dry in your room. Spiders are humidity lovers, purchase a dehumidifier for your bedroom and keep the spiders away