Here are 9 Surprising Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is considered one of the most powerful and effective disinfectants that are being used nowadays. They can be used for pretty much anything related to hygiene when mixed with water. Spray the surface after mixing it with water (the mixture should contain 1/2 water and 1/2 of hydrogen peroxide) It works wonders and only for few moments! You can finally wipe the surface using a clean sponge.


2. No scrub carpet cleaner 
This one is a crazy stain remover, well, anything mixed with our cleaning hero, which is baking soda can become a good stain remover right? (well not anything) just imagine how effective it will become when mixed with hydrogen peroxide, in addition to concentrated dish soap! It has the ability to remove the most stubborn stains. Don’t scrub if it’s not necessary.
3. Brighten your whites
You’re probably already aware that using bleach has many side effects and can ruin your favorite clothes since it contains many chemical components. But keeping your white clothes whites will become a true challenge, that’s why  you need to adding two cups of hydrogen peroxide to your clothes, you’ll be surprised of how effective this is!
4. Whiten your teeth 
Hydrogen peroxide is also perfect for whitening teeth and dealing with gum diseases since it has the ability to get rid of many types of mouth bacteria. Do this on  a daily basis and you’ll notice the brightness of your teeth. Try diluting the hydrogen peroxide in addition to a 1 part Listerine and 1 part water to 1 part of peroxide.
5. Disinfect your cutting board 
Many people ignore the fact that cutting boards contain a lot of dangerous bacteria that may represent a threat to their health. You can simply get rid of these nasty thins by pouring hydrogen peroxide over the clean board.
6. Make a homemade produce wash 
Try adding 1/4 cup of peroxide to a sink of cold water. Next, Soak the produce for a few minutes, then shake off and let dry. Buying produce washes is a total waste of money, well, at least to me. Hydrogen peroxide is great when it comes to removing waxes, chemicals, and dirt from your fruits and veggies.

7. Get a streak-free shine 
A lot of people find foggy and dirty windows irritating and unsightly, and you don’t want your guests or your family see that. Hydrogen peroxide can get rid of that easily and make your window sparkle in no time. Try spraying it on and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth
8. Safely clean children’s toys 
Hydrogen peroxide can be used  to also disinfect children’s toys without having to rinse them using products that contain chemical components which may represent danger for their health. Try this easy method, pour peroxide over the toys until they are covered after placing toys in a plastic container. Start shaking off the toys and allow to dry once the fizzing stops.
9. Banish stinky fridge odors
Got really tired of those unpleasant fridge odors? No problem. Removing odors is now possible, spraying the inside of the fridge with hydrogen peroxide before wiping it clean. This will disinfect your fridge and neutralize all kinds of unwanted odors.

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