8 foods that are incredible natural cleaners


We all want our cleaning routines to be as easy and non-toxic as possible. One of the best ways to ensure both AND get more out of your purchases? Use food! As Domino’s recently reminded us, there are many foods we eat regularly that we can also use to scrub and shine all-naturally. Here are EIGHT of our favorites!

1. Walnuts

source : stillkost via Dollar Photo Club

Who would have thought that a NUT could be used for cleaning, not making a mess with its shells? Turns out, the natural oils in a deshelled walnut are perfect for fixing scratches on a wooden surface. Just rub the nut’s meat diagonally into the scratch!

2. Stale Bread

Banana Breadsource : TipHero

The next you have a loaf of bread go stale on you, don’t think of the food you’ve lost— think of the cleaning product you’ve gained! Slices of stale bread are perfect for picking up pieces of broken glass and cleaning coffee grinders, soaking up leftover smells and residue.

3. Salt

source : WikiMedia

Got some rust ruining the shine of the metals around your home? Grab some salt, add some lemon juice, and make a paste to restore the shine and remove the rust.

 4. Cornstarch

source : PureWow

Your secret weapon against carpet stains isn’t some store-bought cleaner— it’s cornstarch! Just sprinkle some on the stain, let it sit for an hour, and vacuum it up for your easiest cleaning ever.

 5. Coffee Grounds

source : blackday

Coffee always smells SO good, so it makes sense that it would work as a great deodorizer in your trash can or refrigerator. More impressively, it can also clean your fireplace and restore your scratched furniture and floors.

 6. Cucumbers

source : stevepb via Pixabay

Most people think of cucumbers as extraneous parts of a salad or something to turn into a pickle, but they can do so much more— around the house! Use them to remove marks from your walls, polish stainless steel, or even shine your shoes.

 7. Bananas

Image of bananas.source : Hans via Pixabay

These potassium-packed fruits are good for much more than your vitamin levels. After chowing down on one, puree the peel and add water to make a paste perfect for polishing your silver!

 8. Lemons

lemon halves on white backgroundsource : tookapic via Pixabay

Of all the foods on this list, lemons are the most versatile. This superstar fruit can do everything from shine stainless steel to boost laundry detergent to deodorize garbage.