8 Household Items That Most People Don’t Clean Often Enough


There are certain parts of our homes that we all clean on a regular basis: kitchen counters, toilets, floors, etc. However, there are many items and areas in our homes that we don’t think about cleaning, and these are actually the areas that need the most cleaning. Check out the following list and make sure you don’t neglect cleaning these items!

1. Toothbrush Holder

source: Merry Maids / Shutterstock

Because your toothbrush holder is constantly getting wet, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mold, yeast, and other harmful bacteria. You should be cleaning your toothbrush holder at least once a week with hot, soapy water.

2. Sponges

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Sponges absorb and trap tons of bacteria. You should put your sponge in a dishwasher regularly, and throw it out when it begins looking worn-out.

3. Cell Phone

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Since we’re constantly touching our cell phones, they come in contact with a whole host of bacteria. Ensure you’re cleaning your cell phone multiple times a week with a phone-friendly cleaning solution and cloth.

4. Washing Machine

source: DIY Natural

This is gross, but it’s important information. Because you wash your underwear, your washing machine can trap fecal matter and other harmful bacteria. You should run your washing machine on an empty hot water cycle with bleach or vinegar on a regular basis to zap any bacteria.

5. Light Switches

source: Craftaholics Anonymous

As we all know, our hands carry and transmit a lot of bacteria. And we’re constantly touching light switches, so they’re full of bacteria as well. Ensure to clean your light switches with a disinfectant at least once a week.

6. Dog Toys

source: Domesticability

Dog toys definitely aren’t the cleanest things in the world. They should be cleaned every week or so, and you can either toss them in the washing machine or clean them with distilled vinegar and water.

7. Bath Mat

source: Smart Home Keeping

Because bath mats are constantly getting wet and are kept in warm, humid bathrooms, they’re the perfect breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. Ensure you are hanging your bath mat to dry after every use, and that you wash it weekly.

8. Refrigerator And Dishwasher Seal

source: Green Living Ideas

Refrigerator and dishwasher seals are prone to mold and other bacteria. Ensure you’re cleaning these seals regularly with a disinfectant or vinegar and water.