8 natural ways to treat bronchitis


Winter is coming, and respiratory ailments such as bronchitis are approaching causing lung inflammation. Cold is usually the leading cause of acute bronchitis and other respiratory infections. Keep in mind that acute bronchitis is a minor ailment, but it can also develop to become dangerous and life-threatening. If you are looking for treatments that can be conducted at home, here are 8 natural ways to treat bronchitis.

1. Water

This is the simplest and one of the most effective ways to treat bronchitis. All you have to do is drink a cup of water every couple of hours to open bronchial tubes and thin mucus.

2. Vapor rub

Vapor rub has good potentials when it comes to dealing with bronchitis.


3. Steam

Steam can help you deal with bronchitis. All you have to do is to lean over a bowl of steam that is treated with a couple of drops of pine essential oil and/or eucalyptus oil to get full use of the antibacterial effects that can soften up the mucus and to get rid of phlegm that easily.

4. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can promote a healthy cough to get mucus off of the bronchial tubes by thinning out the mucus.


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