9 Brilliant Tricks to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Big


Bathrooms are one of – if not THE – most important rooms in the house, so why are most of them so small, cluttered and disorganized? Considering the amount of time we spend there, a simple towel rack and a shallow medicine cabinet just isn’t enough. While we always like to imagine the bathroom of our dreams, we have to do what we can with what we have, so let’s try these tips from Buzzfeed! We’ve selected our favorite tips for making small bathrooms big, comfortable and even stylish. Check them out!

  • Stack your toiletries with repurposed plates.
  • Spice racks aren’t the only kitchen tool that you should think about moving to the bathroom. A stacked plate rack is the perfect way to organize soaps, make-up brushes, and other toiletries in a stylish way.
  • Make use of magnets for make-up . . .
  • Keep going vertical and freeing up counter space by using magnets to organize and hold your make-up . . . . . . and bobby pins.
  • . . . and small metal objects and tools like bobby pins! Swap out towel rods for hooks.
  • Just because towel rods are the default in most homes, we don’t need to keep them. If a lot of people use your bathroom or if you have a variety of regular and hand towels in use, hooks are a great way to keep them all organized. –Install multiple towel rods.
  • Prefer traditional towel rods to hooks? Then make sure you’re maximizing their potential by hanging multiple ones, especially in and on otherwise-unused spaces like the back of your door.
  • Roll your towels.
  • Just one more towel tip! Instead of folding them, save space and roll your towels instead. It looks prettier too, don’t you think?
  • Hang a bookshelf above the door.
  • A tiny room requires you to make use of any and all otherwise-unused spaces. One you probably haven’t thought of: above the door! Hang a shelf and fill it with extra towels, a basket of cleaning supplies, or even extra magazines.
  • Fill mason jars with toiletries— and hang them up.
  • Mason jars are a natural resource for organizing q-tips, cotton balls, sponges and other toiletries. If you attach them to the walls of your bathroom, you also clear up counter space and gain some décor that is also useful!
  • Double-up on shower rods.
  • Baskets are a wonderful way to organize all the products in your shower, but anybody who’s tried them knows how difficult it can be to get them to stay attached to the sides of the shower. Rather than pick them up again and again, hang a second shower rod and secure the baskets to it!

So much better! Get even more ideas by checking out Buzzfeed’s original list and decide what will work best in your space.

How have you organized your small bathroom?

Which of these tips do you think would work well for your home?