9 creative uses of nail polish remover around the house

Cleaning the house is a difficult task that most people dislike and that pushes them to buy expensive gadgets and products to ease things off a little bit. However, even though this seems logical but it drains out money out of your pocket very quickly. That is why we bring you today a method that will help you clean your house easily without the need for any products. You will need a nail polish remover only. With that in mind, here are

1. Clean bathtub grime

Scrubbing off the scum from your bathtub can be extremely challenging and not all of the commercial products work. If you have a nail polish remover, then you have the ultimate product because you can easily wipe off the scum using a mixture of water and nail polish remover.


2. Remove grime and dust from the oven range hood

To remove dust and grime from your oven range hood, simply pour a little bit of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and use it to wipe the oven’s range hood clean. This method removes dust and grime easily and it does not require any physical strength.


3. Transfer photos to tile

If you want to transfer photos to tile, simply print the photos on uncoated tiles with the help of a nail polish remover.


4. Remove marker from walls

Marker stains can be very difficult to clean especially if they’re on the wall and if the marker is permanent, then it jumps from hard to almost impossible. But fear not, because you can use a nail polish remover to clean the marker wall stains.


5. Clean up DIY mugs


If you are a craftsman and you use markers, then you probably have days when you do some mistakes and end up with some permanent marker stains. Well you’re only human and mistakes happen so that’s completely normal, but what is not normal is the difficult task of cleaning permanent marker stains, but, if you use a nail polish remover, the task will be much easier.

6. Fix a superglue mistake


If you end up with superglue stains, then you can clean it easily using a nail polish remover that you probably have sitting around somewhere in your house.

7. Remove scuff marks from shoes

You can wipe off scuff marks from your shoes using an acetone-based nail polish remover that will bring back the glory back to your shoes. If you have leather shoes, then don’t use this method because you can end up damaging your shoes.


8. Clean your keyboard

Cleaning the keyboard can be really tricky because you often think that you’ve properly cleaned it and when you use it, you find out that you were wrong. You can use a nail polish remover to clean your keyboard because it effectively cleans it and it can even disinfect it.


9. Remove stains from laminate

A light-colored laminate can get dirty easily and it clean it can be really tricky. However, if you apply some nail polish remover on the stained area of the laminate, you can easily and gently srub the stains off.


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