9 ways to use newspaper in the garden!


It may seem surprising, but newspaper is a material that can be useful in everyday life, especially in the garden. In particular, it is a good insulator, which makes it a good protection against the winter cold, for example. Moreover, newspaper is a thin material that decomposes quite easily. To keep up with the recycling trend, here are 9 ways to use newspaper in the garden.

Good to know: Most inks used in newspapers are based on soybean oil. Since 2001, toxic inks are no longer used in the European Community. So there is no reason to fear their use in the garden.

  1. storage of onions
    Garden bulbs often need special care to prevent them from rotting. To do this, wrap the onions individually without smothering them too much and place them in a cool, dry place, such as the basement or garage. You can do the same with vegetables from your garden if you have had a bumper crop. If the vegetables do not touch each other, they will keep longer.
  2. Weed control
    Weeds can be a real nuisance. So, after watering generously, spread newspaper all over to cover the soil. This will prevent invasive plants from growing in. If weeds are already present, place newspaper over them. Without daylight, they will eventually die.

3.Keep the soil moist and cool.

The soil of potted plants dries out more quickly because the roots do not have access to deep moisture. To prevent the soil from evaporating too quickly, cut up newspaper and place it on the soil surface. This technique can also be used in the garden. This will not only keep the soil cool and moist, but also protect it from cold, slugs and bird seed. You can also incorporate newspaper into your mulch.

  1. against frost and cold
    During the winter, plants can suffer from cold and frost, especially those that are less resistant. Don’t forget to mulch the soil or reinforce your structures (tunnels, cold layers, etc.) with newspaper, which is known to be an excellent insulator.
  1. Planting pots
    Use your origami folding skills to make a newspaper planter. You can even take inspiration from paper mache. Just soak it, let it drain and put it in a real pot. Then let it dry for 3 days to get the shape of the newspaper vase. Then just sow the seeds you want in it.

6.in the compost
If you put newspaper in the compost, it will soften. Odors can come from your garbage can in the heat, and the carbon in the newspaper will help reduce them.


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